How Enriched Colony Eggs may change your attitude to caged hen egg production


With the effective banning of the Battery cage in the near future following European legislation, demand for a good value alternative to premium priced Organic Free range will continue. K Fresh have been working towards this change for a number of years and have invested heavily in the UK adoption of the Enriched Colony system. The UK economy is in flux, fossil fuels continue to increase in price, we are all aware of the impact CO2 emission is having on our environment, and how society as a whole will have to adapt in both lifestyle and financial behaviours. The cost and efficiency of food production and retail have very visible and immediate effects on us all, as consumers, and we still want to see a balance between cost, versus the ethics of farming. The enriched colony keeps hens in a communal space, with a natural day and night cycle, and specific areas for eating, drinking and preening. The birds are relaxed, disease free and lay plenty of eggs.

Low foodmiles are good for consumers

If your food travels fewer miles it will be fresher when it hits the store, and it will cost less to transport so it will be better value.

Less transport is good for the environment, this means we protect local jobs, local egg producers may use local suppliers, local shops stock the product for local people who don't have to travel to shop, this helps the local economy, and in turn preserves traditional farming as we know it.

Best of all this means you have a choice - you can shop local, or shop at the supermarket, and enjoy the best of what both have to offer.